UYDT recognizes the fact that to achieve it vision and mission, there should be strategies and hence uses a community bases approach to work with communities and local leaders to educate train and sensitize communities. UYDT does this through training in vocational skills, educative radio talk shows, and tailored workshops to share information for people to make informed decisions especially the youths.

UYDT uses a holistic and integrated approach to improve knowledge, attitudes and practices with in communities concerning different issues.UYDT incorporates innovative strategies to reach out and engage the youths, local leaders and other stake holders through partnerships, social media, advocacy, accountability and community engagement for information sharing

Our Projects

Impaired but independent

In the UYDT programs; people with disabilities are referred to as being impaired. People with an impairment / disabilities are like all other people. They

Community Cooperate service

Services are pertinent in an organization and for it to exist; it will always depend on services to enable its operations. Therefore UYDT runs different

Women Empowerment programme

UYDT’s Justification for supporting women:  Despite the existence of strong, progressive and articulated global and continental policies, strategies and action plans on women, peace and

Children managed school farm project

The UYDT is an indigenous community based organisation that works in the Eastern region of Uganda since 2017. Consciousness raising, training, education and information sharing

Vocational skills training and mentorship

UYDT Institute Embrace local Artisans and Model Practitioners to Transform Youths, Their Homes and communities. Uganda has one of the world’s youngest populations with over

  • Education
  • Training
  • Community sensitization
  • Information sharing
  • Economic empowerment
  • Advocacy